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" Get insight in creating fulfillment in your life. Melody is a rising star bringing the world of personal growth to the next level. She helps people to create a life of fulfillment. You will experience practical ways to implement in your life."


" During this process I felt so strong and powerful that I finally dared to realize the dream that I have had for years. Because in going through this process with myself and them I have found confidence in myself, my wisdom and gifts. Through which I will realize my life purpose and mission. I am going to set up my own company."


" By discussing my case study and the team building session I discovered new possibilities on how to go further with my business"


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Are you 'fed up' with having to constantly live up to other's expectations, while you know very well deep inside who and what you really are and what you came here on earth for?

If you feel that urge to be the best version of yourself, live your best life and thus be fulfilled and you experience you aren't allowed the space to do so or it's just a challenge while doing it alone, you are here at the right place.

We are here to accompany you on your journey, cheer you up, confirm you in what you already know and support you the best way possible.


Assertiveness has been an essential given from the beginning and takes an important place at the academy.

What actually does assertiveness mean, what is assertiveness?

There are divergent theories about what it means.

We now won't give attention to setting out those definitions though.

During your journey at the Tap Into Your Talents Academy you will discover what assertiveness can do for you in your daily life and how it contributes to your overall wellbeing and, yes really, that of others!

Want to know more?

Then continue for an open- ended orientation!

Subjects that will get attention at the Tap Into Your Talents Academy:

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12. It is about who you ARE, not about who you KNOW.jpg

Authentic Branding

When you are living your calling, it is important to profile yourself and connect with your audience the way you authentically are (which is very versatile).

Whether you do that and share your message in your private surroundings or also through the vehicle of a business

That is where the subject 'Authentic Branding' comes into play!

What does that entail for YOU?

You can also explore that at the Tap Into Your Talents Academy 



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The Tap Into Your Talents Academy website and membership area are in progress and the app is on its way as well!

~ Stay Informed ~


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