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Do you care?

Do you believe the world is worth it to exist? 
Do you believe mankind is worth it to exist?
Are you willing to take action for this?




It all began when I was younger, at least 15 years ago and even far before that.
I had a very clear vision of a multidisciplinary academy on a campus, where young adults with their various talents and skills came together and connect with their own core and tap into their talents.

A generation that is dedicated to contribute their unique talents to build (together towards) a healthier, conscious and sustainable world, planet. 
This all through for example art and design, dance and music but also the business part and technological side were very important in order for the individuals to be able to promote themselves, join strengths and profile themselves into the market authentically, where they can serve the audience of nowadays and their true needs and desires even better in an honest, healthy, conscious and sustainable way. 

The red thread in this is that EVERYONE learns how to take good care of themselves and becomes aware of the fact that if they do,

then AUTOMATICALLY they are good for their environment.

Because I look quite young for my age I have always experienced that I had to 'convince' people throughout my life and I've also been called a dreamer even while people didn't know about this plan but at the same time I had also people around me that DID care, always believed in me, no matter what I did and supported me along the way. People close to me like family and friends and also people that didn't know me that well, like clients and other people who said I really should continue as it was really wanted and needed.

Then Ruud and I met each other. We found out very quickly that our way of looking at things and life, our vision and mission were the same/ overlapped and were totally complementary and that is where we started working together and our intensive journey together continued.

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Assertiveness has been an essential given from the beginning and takes an important place at the academy.

What actually does assertiveness mean, what is assertiveness?

There are divergent theories about what it means.

We now won't give attention to setting out those definitions though.

During your journey at the Tap Into Your Talents Academy you will discover what assertiveness can do for you in your daily life and how it contributes to your overall wellbeing and, yes really, that of others!

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How to take responsibility for your own life

Take responsibility for your own happiness, health, overall wellbeing

A lot of people perceive the given of ‘taking your own responsibility’ as a burden.

They think it is difficult, you have to sacrifice, you will have less

All viewed, felt from a scarcity belief


I always say that taking your own responsibility is the opposite of a burden.

It is a blessing, it frees you.

Potential, opportunities, possibilities, doors open up and a whole (‘new’) world is available to you

You have your own happiness, health, overall wellbeing in your own hands in stead of throwing your life in the hands of others who then will decide everything that is nonbeneficial for you.

Who would ever want that?



and that doesn’t depend on money/ all kinds of material things at all!


Now I want you to be very aware, conscious of the following:

Every being has its/ his/ her own responsibility in life.

You can never take the responsibility of, from someone else, ever. It is impossible.

You can never live life for someone else.

Therefore, also never let yourself be told, that you are responsible for someone elses life, their happiness, their drama even, their missery, their lack of health, lack of anything.

If you did have an input in it, then take responsibility for your own deeds or lack of them.

Acknowledge it.


When you have young children you can only take responsibility for the fact that you facilitated their 'being here' and for taking care of them, raising them the best way possible.

They too, for the rest then, make their own choices and they do have the responsibility to live the best life they can.

So it is important to support them in that as much as possible and to the extent that it is your responsibility.


This given also applies to adults, it applies to every being.


Again, NEVER let yourself be deceived to take all responsibility, responsibilities for everyone!!!



So, let’s accept your own autonomy and learn how to take your own responsibility in life, which benefits ALL.


Which serves the greater good

Live from the knowing of ABUNDANCE


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