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FeelingOne is one of our innovative sustainable concepts.

It is about renting electric vehicles in nature reserves so you can experience what it is like to move in a covered electric vehicle in nature.

To ride with FeelingOne gives you optimal freedom. Enjoy nature, regardless of the weather and move in a responsible way.

It is important to translocate in a sustainable manner and to ensure sustainable transport. Each year, millions of victims are caused by worldwide traffic emissions. The number of victims of traffic emissions is much more than the victims of traffic accidents.

Yet it seems that almost no one is aware of it and does anything about it and we are going to change that now!

FeelingOne will rent electric vehicles in nature reserves. Gradually we are expanding it across Europe.

FeelingOne will soon be placed at holiday parks, campsites and hotels, beautiful places where it is wonderful to go into nature.

It is a pleasure to rent at FeelingOne. From just € 25,- you enjoy 2 hours in nature. You experience moving in a sustainable way peacefully with an electric vehicle.


Now we can imagine that once you have experienced FeelingOne, you would like to have an electric vehicle yourself.

For commuter traffic, shopping or to go to the city. 

That is where we can also help you with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

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