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Masterplan for a

Healthy, Conscious, (Self) Sustainable


Featuring the

Tap Into Your Talents Academy
• • •  Wellbeing & Health Academy  • • • 



~ 'Timeline' ~


Do you care?

Do you believe the world is worth it to exist? 
Do you believe mankind is worth it to exist?
Are you willing to take action for this?





It all began when I was younger, at least 15 years ago and even far before that.
I had a very clear vision of a multidisciplinary academy on a self sustainable campus, where young adults with their various talents and skills come together and connect with their own core and tap into their talents.

A generation that is dedicated to contribute their unique talents to build (together towards) a healthier, conscious and sustainable world, planet. 
This all through for example art and design, dance and music but also the business part and technological side are very important in order for the individuals to be able to promote themselves, join strengths and profile themselves into the market authentically, where they can serve the audience of nowadays and their true needs and desires even better in an honest, healthy, conscious and sustainable way. 

The red thread in this is that EVERYONE learns how to take good care of themselves and becomes aware of the fact that if they do, then AUTOMATICALLY they are good for their and the environment.

Because I look quite young for my age I have always experienced that I had to 'convince' people throughout my life and I've also been called a 'dreamer', even while people didn't know about this plan.

At the same time I had a lot of people around me that care, always believed in me, no matter what I did and supported me along the way.

People close to me like family and friends and also people that didn't know me that well, like clients and other people who said I really should continue as it was really wanted and needed.

Then Ruud and I met each other. We found out very quickly that our way of looking at things and life, our vision and mission were the same/ overlapped and were totally complementary and that is where we started working together and our intensive journey together continued...



I just returned from the future, where I visited in the summer of 2024 ... 3 places where a Core Abundant Lifestyle community is located.

These resorts are completely self-sufficient, grow their own food in an organic, vegan way, generate their own energy, purify their water and reuse it.

They are completely independent, independently operating resorts. Everything is sustainable and plant based.


No pollution, no abuse of people or animals.

People from all over the world come to relax, become themselves, follow workshops, intensives and retreats.

You can return to your source, your intrinsic self. Recovering your inner strength and start living a happy life again, from yourself with fulfilment.


Enjoying sustainable leisure with FeelingOne :

They experience wonderful environments on a route through culture and nature in a comfortable, covered electric vehicle which is allowed to drive on bicycle lanes. 

All three resorts are located in a quiet, healthy, green natural environment.

New resorts are planned in other places around the world. All resorts are based on the example of these principles and elements created in the Netherlands. 

There, 5 years ago, in 2019, the first steps were taken towards this great development.



We are at that point right NOW


We found a beautiful location, where we can build that community/ resort that also includes the Tap Into Your Talents Academy.

With the support of our community, we realize our masterplan. We will roll out all that is entirely ready immediately. The neighborhood is an oasis of peace and unity. The locals are happy to participate in this atmosphere and beautiful collaborations are established with local entrepreneurs.


Investors will have their return of investment within 3 years with a good result.

Join the community

Do you also want to be part of this 'community', online or offline or both and make this happen together with us?

Age, gender, ethnicity etc. don't matter.

YOU are welcome, as long as you are able to respect our core values, yourself and others!

This place is a place of rest, where people from all directions of the world can come and experience connecting to their core in a peaceful and quiet way.

Come to a beautiful environment where you can find rest, relax and rejuvenate and connect to your own core again, individually or in a small group.

No crowds, no loud happenings.

We leave that for other places where it is appropriate and wanted.


Here in the surroundings you can go for among other things a silent walk or a hike, meditation, cycling, other sports, yoga session, do some creative painting or dancing or have a massage or energetic treatment or therapy that will help you relax and stand in your own power in a healthy and beneficial way..

Core Abundant Lifestyle

✧  August 2019  ✧



In the mean time a lot has happened already!

In 2020 we both replaced our former homes in two different cities, for our new place in the South of the Netherlands.

After a search of almost exactly a year in that particular area (and quite some different places, properties and building plots that had passed the revue), we decided to move there and build further on the foundation of the masterplan, to let it evolve the way it is (eventually) meant to be

You can watch a short video of when we had just started our

Core Abundant Lifestyle

Center for Holistic Healthy, Conscious, Sustainable Lifestyle and Business in Vaals, to start (in a new area) with,

broadcasted on Dutch television 

Core Abundant Lifestyle is for ALL beings that resonate with it. 'Young' AND 'old'!!!




  September 2023 


During the past several years, many developments have taken place.

Due to the circumstances in the world, globally, we also have encountered serious challenges along the way.

Yet we never give up and what is meant to be will be, so...

We also experienced very synchronistic dynamics, which brought us even closer to our intended essential 'goal'!

Since many processes need (a lot of!!!) time and patience, things take a while, but I (Melody) have always said that it was going to be a 'more (might be10 or perhaps even more) years plan'.

Still, when looking back at what we have achieved and realized in a relatively very short period, I can tell that I'm immensely content and happy about where we have come and are now and what is still ahead of us.

I now feel that since we have realized a lot of things people had never expected (of us) and after all these years become more and more 'visible' and 'tangible' to them (to us it was that all along) in a very concrete way, I don't have to 'convince' or endlessly explain people anymore what I'm doing, what we are up to and what I have been talking about for years.

It gives me more peace and in that experiencing that we encounter and connect with more and more kindred beings with similar core values, I can trust that it will all turn out the way it was and is meant 💚 

So, if you want to stay updated about the major surprises that will follow, stay tuned via the many possible, candid ways! 😇



Who are we?

Click on our photo to read more about us and what we occupy oneself with!





Welcome to

For creating a happy and fulfilled life!


With our holistic brand with practices, trainings and education, events, consultancy, treatments and Comfort & Conscience product line,

we guide people into returning to their

authentic self

with their true potential and prepare them for the world of tomorrow in personal life and business.

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Contributing to our Masterplan

When you feel connected with us, our masterplan and purpose and you also want to contribute in some way, one of these possibilities of course is by joining the community, purchasing products and/ or services of us that we offer through:

Core Abundant Lifestyle (our overall holistic lifestyle brand), the Tap Into Your Talents Academy,

and for example our individual holistic practices Vital Life Connection (Melody) and Wellness4us (Ruud).


For yourself and/ or a present for someone else!

Besides that, we do also want to ask people to consider making a donation (which we have already gratefully received several 🙏), which really helps us to collect an amount that we can immediately hold aside to directly invest into the masterplan.

EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS US (!!!), when there are a couple of thousand caring people that contribute with let's say €10,-,

we can come VERY far!!!

So in that light also, it is very much appreciated when you share this message with your surroundings!

If you like, you can also come and visit us and see and experience for yourself what you are actually contributing to 😊


Besides that of course, you can see the very diverse footage (pictures and videos) that will continuously be supplemented and followed up.

" I would rather meet you guys in real life and discuss and explore the possibilities of what we can mutually mean to each other and the world.

I appreciate that you at all times only agree with win win win situations (in which the highest good of all involved is taken into consideration). "


If that is you, then please by all means, make a connection with us (by clicking on the declaration) and thank you 🙏

Thank you all very much in advance


When you want to contribute/ donate right away, you can do so on


NL56 BUNQ 2069 2257 55 (Core Abundant Lifestyle),

indicating 'Contribution to Core Abundant Village' and your name and e-mail address (use 'at' in stead of @) and/ or telephone number if you want (us to be able) to (reach out to you)

Star points can be obtained by investing in Core Abundant Lifestyle in the form of a donation from the amount of 50 euros.


By donating for example 50 euros, 50 Star points are obtained.


These points are unrestrictedly valid and can be exchanged at for example one of our events.


More information here

Comfort & Conscience
(natural) products and services
all vegan

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~ Now ~





From the moment that I saw this self sustainable campus/ resort before me, I didn't know yet where this (place) would be

For many years I wasn't sure yet all this time I just knew and expressed that the location would present itself naturally at some point

I knew that it wouldn't be situated where I lived at the time and I even strongly doubted that it would all take place in the Netherlands

It was an interesting process and the closer we came to the realisation of it, the more challenging it became as well

I and we got and felt very much tested by our environment in many many ways and it wasn't always nice to say the least

As mentioned before, after orienting ourselves on possibilities in the South of France and the South of Spain, we synchronistically were led to the South of the Netherlands after deciding it was better, for several reasons that played part in our lives at that point, to stay and start in our country of birth

We were led to Simpelveld and from then on a very interesting and intensive journey of almost a year started for us

For some reason eventually we didn't settle in Simpelveld but we bought an apartment in Vaals, a village close by, which was next to the border with Germany and close to the Belgian border

Near the highest point of the Netherlands and the 3 lands point which already symbolised the very international/ universal nature of our activities

From these wonderful, beautiful, green, hilly surroundings we decided to actually build (further on) the foundation

At that point (2019) there was nothing major happening yet that would completely and drastically throw the entire world 'upside down'...

A few months later though, exactly when we moved to there, the whole world had changed and the Netherlands were suddenly trapped in their first lock down

I don't have to explain anyone how this period turned out to be

Everyone surrounding us in this area (and they could know) said to us that if it were normal circumstances, we already would have had a booming business

I'm not going to elaborate on it any further here

Despite the severe trials, we were able to also connect and built a special network

In this all and with extreme synchronicities the direction in which our journey could continue revealed itself unmistakably at one point

As you might have seen, both the circle came round with/ in Simpelveld eventually, where we relocated the starting point of our holistic activities

AND another opportunity finally presented itself clearly...

We hadn't thought about it before, yet everything all of a sudden pointed towards that direction:

The further unfolding of all our plans in Portugal

Although the severe challenges hadn't ceased, you might be able to imagine what a relief it also brought knowing finally after all these years that what you came here to do can find continuation in a concrete form 🥰

In a totally surprising way! Better than thought possible

We allow everything to unfold as it is meant

No pressure, no rush or whatsoever

I have confidence, we have confidence

It will be


Do you also feel or know you have a specific purpose that you want to fulfil in your life?

If you feel you want support in that or to be able to realize that 'together', definitely check out the story behind our

'Tap Into Your Talents Academy' which it is intended for!

Or schedule a non binding orientation/ strategy call with us here

If you want to connect with us another way you can do so here

We wish you all the best on your journey and it would be amazing if we can go along together in some way, for a certain period or maybe longer

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