Are you a Therapist?

Are you a therapist and do you also want a listening ear for the events and issues in your life?

Do you want to know how you can optimally use your talent and be caring while you also pay attention to your own well-being and that of your immediate environment?

As consultants, we are there for you to shape your own life of fulfillment and business

For you and possibly your team

Submit your personal question so you can come to insight and solutions for you and your team/ environment.

This meeting is in English, it doesn't matter if you are and speak Dutch or if you are from another country. When you speak and understand English, you are mostly welcome!

Sign up here to be part of it and join the online group meeting!

It is a real online group consultancy in which all attendees can submit their individual question/ case so you can all benefit from each others presence too.

The Artists training consists of for example:

Therapist Coaching / Consultancy

including Energetic Awareness and Energetic Management

Breath & Relaxation / Meditation

Gifts Of Nature

Creative Wellbeing

Therapist Entrepreneurship (including Authentic Branding)


Financial Freedom




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