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What is so beneficial about a holistic vegan lifestyle?

A holistic vegan lifestyle is beneficial for several (many) purposes

First and formost for your own health and wellbeing and second, automatically for your environment aswell

It is a myth that if you eat and live on a plant based value, that you will lack nutrition/ nutritional elements as opposed to when eating meat.


Where do you think the nutrients in the meat one eats come from actually?

As with everything, if you live a healthy, CONSCIOUS (which also means well informed) lifestyle, you will reap and experience the benefits of everything you do, undertake and live.
It is as simple (and common sense) as that.
With no exception

If you want to find out for yourself what is the way/ path that fits to your colourprint, Core Abundant Lifestyle and its practices

Vital Life Connection and Wellness4us

can support you in that.

Please feel free to contact us for an acquaintance and/ or orienting meeting,
in real life or online.

In the mean time you can also visit our online Boutique with our carefully composed assortment with products and services that are supportive to your health and wellbeing and that of your loved ones.

Everything you find there has its own unique way in supporting you in your daily life (whatever that may look like) and at home!

As the motto of Core Abundant Lifestyle is:

Enjoy Your Life, Live Healthy!

Until soon and thank you,

Ruud & Melody


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Click on photo to watch the 'Eat Healthy' video

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