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Core Abundant Lifestyle

Core Abundant Lifestyle is founded by Melody, intergenerational trauma healer and entrepreneur in holistic lifestyle and business. She found out that by staying true to your core values and living them, you are able to create an abundant life for yourself and even others when they wish and your environment.

Abundance has nothing to do with money on itself or material aspects. Money is often even excluded from the creation in the direct form. Which doesn't mean that it (as a given) is never involved.

Abundance here is mainly translated as a richness of present essential resources and life that support your experience of (maintaining) the quality of wellbeing in your life. From that also material (including financial) abundance stems.

When you try to enforce it the other way around, you will never experience true abundance but scarcity all the time.

"Core Abundant Lifestyle is all about living an abundant life with integrity, from the core."


QUOTE Melody:

"If/ when you take GOOD care of YOURSELF, then AUTOMATICALLY you are good for your environment! (Taking GOOD care of yourself is the OPPOSITE of egotism!)"



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Melody vdf van Rossum | Core Abundant Lifestyle | Vaals

Enjoy your life, live healthy 

Melody vdf van Rossum & Ruud vdf Schalkwijk | Core Abundant Lifestyle | Vaals
Ruud vdf Schalkwijk | Core Abundant Lifestyle | Vaals




Together with Ruud, Core Abundant Lifestyle reaches the deeper dimensions

"Living an abundant life from your own core is the only way to create a fulfilled life.

Our mission is bringing you back, to become your authentic self."


We also have a bright vision on the future, the changes in the world and the impact it has on daily life.

With our treatments, design, events, consultancy, training and education we guide you in returning to your own core and prepare you for the world of tomorrow in personal life and in business.


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