Video testimonial Business Retreat Winterberg 24- 26 August 2018 :​


Joya Samjhawan: Entrepreneur, Filmmaker

testimonial video by Kelvin Tuin, Kelvision

Energetic healing treatments and other, Wellness4us :


" Ruud his treatments support you in staying close to yourself and act from your strength and inner knowing. I have also experienced treatments of Ruud and they supported me in coming towards and staying close to myself even more than I already was. That means that even if you are good in your energy, you can practice your own potential even more by Ruud his support."



 "  Nice experience definitely worth it."

Ineke Klaassen

"  ***** "


Christine Robben

" After 9 months being forced to put my life ‘on hold’ through suffering a severe concussion, I got into a real demanding period of physical recovery.
I had to re-invent my life and take some life changing decisions.
After I physically recovered I felt very euforic. Still, because so much had changed in my life, I felt like I could use extra energy and determination to find and walk my new life path. That is why I decided to start with energetic healing treatments.
With the intake procedure you will discuss with Ruud your overall well-being and your needs. After this the treatments will start.
During Ruud his first treatment, I felt the warmth and energy flow through my body. And during the period after the treatment you will feel strong and more confident in all decision making and activities you participate in.
Ruud is an energetic healer who exactly feels what you need and will give the right amount of energy for you to handle.
I felt at ease with Ruud from the very start. When through circumstances there would be a longer time in between treatments, I really feel the difference between being full of energy and getting towards a lower energy point.
Both physical inconveniences and support with mental health issues like self confidence, determination and inner strength, all benefit from energetic healing treatments.
I highly recommend Ruud both as an energetic healer and as a very nice person when you consider to partake in the energy flow, which is available for us all, to have a positive impact on the quality of your life.

Thank you Ruud!

Jennifer, 28 years old from Rotterdam

Coaching/ Consultancy & other :

" Ruud is very precise and committed in delivering the highest quality of service and product. He is a genius, although very modest himself. He has a lot of expertise and is a very good consultant. Ruud helped our company being ready and operational for the long term. He has vision and when it comes to innovation you better take him seriously.

He knows what he is talking about.

What makes Ruud unique as a businessman and consultant is his honest and committed, service oriented being and approach.

A rare quality that really has to be valued and appreciated!

Thank you Ruud for your exceptional service."