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Hi Creative Healer!

Thank you for taking inspired action

You might have reached a lot in your life and have a big vision and mission (whatever that may be for you). And you are caring enough for your own wellbeing and that of your environment to make the most of it and create a fulfilled life!


Good for you, congratulations!

The motto of my practice Vital Life Connection is ‘Celebrate Your Life!’

Now celebrating your life is something else than destroying your life with, or living your life on the basis of nonbeneficial, unfavorable habits.

Enjoy your life, live healthy is the motto of our overarching holistic lifestyle brand

Core Abundant Lifestyle.

You can live an abundant and fulfilled, happy, joyful, exciting yet peaceful life in a healthy way!

Get Your Life On Stream

It is all about being conscious about life and what is beneficial and what is less beneficial in creating and experiencing this.

We can support you in that.

We both know how it is when your body doesn’t function the way you want (anymore) and we both also have experienced what it is like when you can totally turn that around and even better! 😃


We also know how to prevent getting exhausted by the circumstances in your life. Or how to have more energy and how to keep your own energy high.

So what does it mean to you to live the life you truly want and deserve, because you took the action to accomplish it for yourself?

The beautiful thing is, then you will also automatically be(come) good for the environment.

First take good care of yourself the way is necessary for you, then you will naturally be of wonderful contribution to your surroundings, the environment and eventually the planet and all that is!!!

Sounds great to you?

Then book a free strategy session with Melody or the both of us (Melody & Ruud) to explore more and take your life to the next level!

When you are (speaking) Dutch, the strategy session will be in Dutch, our native language

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