Customize Your Journey

At the Tap Into Your Talents Academy your journey will be entirely customed to your wishes and desires and what you need in your individual circumstances

We always, at all times, concentrate on a win win win situation, where the highest good of all involved is taken into consideration

Get Your Life On Stream

You can also watch these video's if you would like an overall image of what you among other things can experience with the Tap Into Your Talents Academy

Thank you for your orientation on taking your journey with us!

The Tap Into Your Talents Academy is no 'standard' educational platform or organisation!

You don't get a degree for 'learing well'...

The Tap Into Your Talents Academy guides you in choosing and creating your own journey to divergent 'destinations'.


A complete journey, of approximately a year is or can be divided in 4 following phases (trajectories).

It is also possible to take a longer time in between the divergent phases when that suits you best.

You can decide to take a complete journey or even more journies if it resonates and you can also choose for shorter trips/ trajectories of 3 months.

An example of an entire journey:

Get Your Life On Stream

1. Liberate (Free) Your Own Potential, Your True Self

2. Professional

3. Expert

4. Master

You can make a journey or shorter trip by yourself, individually and perhaps you want to make it together with for example your family, friends, ...

Or partly individually and partly together and you can also meet other voyagers if you choose.

You will however always reach your own destination.

If any of this makes you want to find out more, then contact us for a