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Is this for me?

You might wonder if a Tap Into Your Talents Academy trajectory or a journey with us is something for you…

We have summed up what is important for you to know to be able to make that decision initially


This is for you when:

You really want to change your life or elements/ areas of it for the better

You want to live your life purpose, be who you are and be happy, healthy, conscious, fit and vital (as much as possible) while doing that

You want to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the planet and life, the best possible way you can, again, while enjoying it, enjoying life, being happy, healthy and all that you want and how you want to feel in a way that benefits you and others

You want to be clear about who you are, what you are good at, what your purpose is and how you want to give expression to it

You want to learn how to draw boundaries, physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, holistically and be able to be assertive (which means feeling no guilt when you stand up for yourself, your rights and your life). No matter how others try to make you feel/ what others make you feel like/ how you feel by what others do

You want to be and feel fulfilled, live a fulfilled life



This is not for you when:

You don’t want to look at and be aware and conscious about what is going on in (your) life and how it affects you and your surroundings

You aren’t prepared to work on yourself, limiting beliefs that hold you back (either those of yourself or of others!!!) and expect others to do the work for you (in stead of together with you when needed) and that everything will just ‘magically’ change for the better and fall into place because you say so and refuse to do anything for or about it

You expect us to heal on the basis of and organize particular rituals and ceremonies

It is just not what we do and how we work and it doesn’t resonate with us to do it that way. So only if you can detach from that (and only do that, when you really feel the need to, by yourself/ with others), you will experience the value of what we offer


Are you still enthusiastic and curious?

Then sign up here for an open- ended strategy session to determine which path you want to walk and how you want to design your journey together with us!


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