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New Year, New ‘Beginning’, New Energy by all means

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Hi Creative Healers,


Today I want to share part of our transition again. It feels good to be able to experience and share more and more good news with our seriously growing community.

Throughout the years quite some challenges have crossed our path and it has been difficult when people surrounding you collectively don’t really understand what you are/ have been doing for years in a row. Especially when you have been asking for support/ collaboration all along and you end up doing almost everything by yourself anyway.

Finally things are changing…

More and more people understand what I have been doing for years and what Ruud and I do and also have been doing for years since we later met each other. More and more we meet people that are beginning to comprehend what it is that we do and want to support, contribute to it, be part of it, collaborate with us because they see and experience that it is real.

That it is immense, yet very refined.

Don’t get me wrong… The thing is that throughout the years people have also ‘cheered’ for me when I was sharing what I was busy with, but most of them never really actively engaged or participated.

The funny thing is even, that I’ve heard feedback of people that have been following me and what I do for years, while me not even knowing it 😂.

Of some I did, as they have been liking/ hearting and still do like and heart a lot of what I share online. I really also want to thank you guys for that, as it is and has been also really supportive for me, even though you are with few of them. You are still the pioneers actually in building the community 😃🥰 (I suppose you know who you are).

The Tap Into Your Talents Academy, where it all began

For those who don’t know the back story yet, but also for those who do, I summarize my individual journey in this and where we stand now.

About 16 years ago I had a vision of a multidisciplinary academy, for what I now call Creative Healers, on a self sustainable campus/ resort.

I have a very broad background, mainly artistically and I among other things studied Urban Design at the Art Academy and have taught dance as well.

Later I was pushed into the holistic wellness area, which apparently had to be part of my path, my journey, my mission, my life purpose here on planet Earth.

One very important factor at the Tap Into Your Talents Academy namely, is that everyone ‘learns’ to take good care of themselves (first) and (then) the environment. The essence of the academy, which is definitely no regular one, is sustaining, recovering, healing the planet and creating a beautiful, holistically healthy future for next generations as well.

I saw before me how creative beings came together, assembling arts, design, performance etc. in many different forms, but also technology and business were very important to make it a holistically functioning whole.

They learn how to give expression to their own unique talents and skills and their mission to contribute to the overall welbeing of the earth, in an authentic, healthy, conscious and sustainable way.

Then, for years the actual masterplan itself was ‘parked’ a bit and in 2015 I started with my holistic practice as an element of this greater plan and then all came to the surface again,

When I started to share this and especially with clients of mine, it was received, welcomed sincerely and enthusiastically and sometimes even with tears because people felt and expressed it was really needed and wanted.

All along my practice was only a fraction of the entire plan and that is where ‘short circuit’ occured for many. They didn’t understand that I was busy building (the foundation of) an empire so to say.

So building the foundation for it on my own at first was also part of my journey. I apparently had to build it by myself first. Later Ruud and I met each other and continued working on it together and finally, as I said before, we encounter more and more that really resonate with what we do and want to create and build it together.

Like I have always said from the beginning:

“A masterplan you don’t build on your own…” It’s that simple.

Core Abundant Lifestyle, Holistic (Vegan) Lifestyle Brand

So when I started to make my plan more concrete and later initiated it with starting my practice, I made it all element of an overarching Holistic Lifestyle Brand, which is called Core Abundant Lifestyle 😊

It is all about living a holistically healthy, conscious, sustainable and abundant life. Indeed a life that stems from abundance instead of scarcity…

When you are or become conscious more and more, you will realize there is abundance everywhere and you can experience it (almost) all the time. Life on itself is abundant!

And the more you anticipate and live it, the more you experience and manifest it. Living a healthy life and taking good care of yourself is essential in this.

So I created this brand (which is still to be expanded and refined!) and I saw a clothing line, wellbeing supportive and sustainable products and care products before me. The beginning is there and it will grow and become more of what I intented along the way.

Also important about my vision of the brand is the holistic approach in supporting those who want, in living their own holistic healthy lifestyle.

I saw before me how I visited people at their homes and support them and their family when they have one, with personal training, diving into healthy/ healthier choices for nutrition, redecorating their homes/ environment and restyling their wardrobes/ outfits/ appearance when wished for.

Throughout the years it developed more and more to what it is now and it will continue to unfold.

Physical location

So, the plan was very clear but I also knew that the concrete manifestation wouldn’t take place in Utrecht, where I was living at that time. I was even doubting it would take place in the Netherlands at all. I knew and trusted that the actual physical location would reveal itself over time.

When Ruud and I had met each other in the mean time and were also already together as a couple, he was browsing on the internet to orientate.

We had first explored the potential of going abroad, such as South of France and South of Spain.

Due to all kinds of practical reasons we came out on building the foundation in the Netherlands first and then we could at one point eventually still go abroad later.

So then Ruud found a property in the South of the Netherlands online.

We decided to go visit and that is when our exploration of almost exactly a year started there.

It all started in Simpelveld. The building we had visited did not become it, but we fell in love with the environment, the Heuvelland (the hill country), right away. It totally resonated with our plan of a self sustainable resort, a piece of land with a building, that we could do vegan farming on and build the Tap Into Your Talents Academy. A space where we could organize retreats, (speaker) events (and other), workshops and intensives, do coaching and consultancy, treatments etc. A place where people could come and go to experience these kinds of things or, when desired and resonate with our core values, eventually live as well.

Quite some buildings and plots of land passed the revue and we made appointments and had meetings with several municipalities that we told about and showed our plan.

Especially the municipality of Simpelveld was excited about our plans and we were as well about the potential it all had.

Unfortunately due to outside circumstances and in interaction with other parties it eventually never came about.

Then we at one point found property in the municipality of Vaals and then at one point we decided to move to the South of Limburg, the South of the Netherlands so we would already be there, build our business there and build further on the network of people we had already started to create. We concluded it would be better to be located there and build things up from there, in stead of traveling from the two places we lived each time.

That is when we found our place in Vaals which we hadn’t expected before. It was meant as an in between solution, so we could continue with negotiations/ finding the eventual place for our masterplan.

This was in December 2019.

Not knowing that when we would actually move to there in April 2020, the world had changed entirely….

We happened to land there in the exact first ‘lock down’ in the Netherlands.

I’m not going to elaborate about how we had to build our Holistic Center and the foundation of our plan there from scratch in these circumstances.

We have had a wonderful time in the beginning and were welcomed very warmly. But when circumstances had have been ‘normal’, we would have had a booming business very soon. Everyone agrees and has no doubt about that. But as we all know, circumstances were different all over the world.

Nonetheless we have built a wonderful network, a wonderful community surrounding us.

At a certain moment, after asking ourselves several times if we should and in the mean time having built further on our foundation with the Tap Into Your Talents Academy and our online remote business, we decided to discontinue our activities at the physical space we had rented in the centre of Vaals.

Here we had established our Center for Holistic Healthy, Conscious, Sustainable Lifestyle & Business, with our practice and shop where people could buy wellbeing supporting products, which are also available via our online shop.

On the 31st of December 2022 in the morning, we actually delivered the emptied space and with every movement we made in that process we experienced how more space and potential opened up for all the other elements that wanted our attention and everything outside of that as well.

Full circle

A lot in our lives happens very synchronistically. That was already before Ruud and I met each other, but since we are together that is also the case.

A few months ago namely, a woman, who is also an artist, spoke to us spontaniously when we encountered each other for the first time, when Ruud and I walked back home through the woods while she was hiking with her dog. She knew about our space and what we did there and she told us about a convent that she was active at with a group of women that do divergent holistic activities, to build something up there and she invited us to definitely come and visit some time and get acquainted and see if it was also something for me, for us to continue our activities there and participate in creating a foundation for the repurposing of the building that they are busy with.

It was a perfect timing.

There and then I was and we were more busy with the process we were in but I was curious and interested though to visit some time and become acquainted with the location, the women and what they do and are planning to do.

At that point I wasn’t aware right away of that within a few months, finally after all these years of hard work and in many ways still feeling kind of misunderstood strangely enough, my dreams would probably come true in many ways…


There is much more to it besides this, which we will definitely share with you all the coming time. But for now, the coming period, all is coming full circle, in Simpelveld, again!

The convent is located in Simpelveld and again, while one ‘chapter’ is closing, we were invited to come to Simpelveld, to continue where we started 👼

I am very happy that we right away have a physical location where we can welcome our clients and members of our community and meet other kindred beings. Where we can collaborate with other wonderful individuals and parties to fulfill our mission and life purpose, as it totally resonates and they are excited to collaborate in all possible ways. Both on the spot as internationally and remotely.

A wonderful new chapter has finally arrived.

On the rim of New years eve even. A new year, new energy. We definitely feel, experience AND create this transition, this transmutation and it feels wonderful.

A lot of potential lies ahead of us, finally concretely reveals itself.

We are excited and looking forward to all that will unfold itself.

Definitely feel welcome to be part of it when it resonates. Certainly also when you want to build along with us on the further unfoldment of our masterplan and keep yourself updated!

A lot of ideas have already come to the surface for events that I want to organize and I’m going to pick up something I haven’t done for years and people have asked me all the time if I would do that again. 😉

To be continued and see you soon!

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