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Vegan Founded Certification 🥳💚✨

We are very happy to anounce that we received our Vegan Founded registration certificate today! 🥳🎉✨

This means a lot to us, since this way everyone who cares about it can see in a blink of an eye a clear partial, yet essential expression of our core values, on which our brand and our masterplan is founded.

When you are new to those, you don't have to second guess (anymore) when it matters to you that you can and will find vegan, ethical, cruelty free products and services with us.

You can rest assured that, whoever you are, whether you are vegan yourself or not (yet), you are welcome to a world where we respect all forms of LIFE. Veganism to us is like ambassadorship for life, for living (the highest quality possible, so in a holistic way).

It doesn't 'stop' at, or limit to animals/ animal welfare here. It goes way beyond many beings can imagine 😀

Life is wonderful, it can be fun, light, sparkling, joyful and beautiful!

Let's create/ experience that together, if you want.

If you want to know more, don't forget to ask. Asking is free.

And definitely explore our world and stay tuned here or via other platforms, like social media (see footer ⬇️).

You can also receive our sporadic e-mail update if you like, when you visit our home page.

There's a lot more to come 🥰

We promise you, it won't be boring (if you are willing to dive deeper into it all)

See you soon, we like it when we can accompany each other (even and also if only for a short while) on our journey in life 🍀✨


Ruud & Melody


If you want to find out more about Vegan Founded and what they actually do, then definitely also visit their Instagram profile and website!


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