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Preparations for the Health & Wellness Festival

Preparations & sneak preview concerning the Health & Wellness Festival at (the) New Loreto (convent) in Simpelveld.

It is the place where we can be found aswell with our business, practices and activities since the beginning of this year.

This is the first edition of the festival and it is already a success 🥰

It promises to be a beautiful happening!

Do you also still want to be there? Then send us a message, then we can offer you a 15% discount on your ticket(s) 🎟✨️

Of course we will also be there with Core Abundant Lifestyle, so you can also come and visit us!

It would be great to meet you there and otherwise on another moment, in these beautiful surroundings 🙏

♡ Enjoy Your Life, Live Healthy ♡

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