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Be Your Authentic Self

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A screenshot of the notification that I got on my feed on the platform Facebook today:

This is still and always will be the essence of what I am and what I do.

Guiding and facilitating those (Creative Healers as I call you) who want to be and express their AUTHENTIC selves, without feeling burdened, ashamed, bad or awkward about it.

(Finding out and) Knowing who you are, what you stand for, what your purpose is on this planet, this lifetime, in the entire Creation of All That Is 😇 🥰💖💕

You ARE who you ARE for a reason.

Just because others don't understand, can't comprehend, doesn't mean you have to confirm THEM (in that)...

Please let this sink in for a while 🗝✨️

This goes deeeeeeeeeep....

It has maaaaaannnyyyyyy layers....

You can always choose to 'make that first step'

As we all know the slogan/ confirmation Just Do It, it IS.

Just... Do... It... -> Just... BE... (who you TRULY are)

We are here to accompany you in that if you want and choose to

You (only) have to trust

You (only) have to KNOW

No doubts

If you need help with this, if you want clarity in your life...

About yourself and your surroundings..

You really want to transmute things so you can feel some or total relief (again), because you know this is true...

Contact me and together we can and will find out what is your path, what are the first (next) steps for you to take on your journey, in your life

No strings attached

If you find out it doesn't work for you, I 'let you go'

That is what UNCONDITIONAL love does...

Unconditional love also has core values that come from integrity that aren't negotiable. It also sets clear boundaries and it always communicates as clear as possible for you to come through. Even if it takes 'time' (which doesn't really exist) for you to process it, for it to find fertile soil and to bloom 🍀🌻🌸🌼

Because of certain 'false' beliefs that have been projected on you throughout life, some of it might seem a bit harsh at first, yet if you really go beyond it honestly and from a place of integrity you know it isn't 'harsh' at all and all the false 'information' attempted to program you with, turns out not to be as great as it seemed

Give yourself the space, the peace to really feel this and to acknowledge reality for what it IS

That is what life entails 🥰

It creates 'miracles' 🌞💫✨️

For real

Is this what you want to experience?

Then don't hesitate and connect with us

In whatever way you like

As long as it is pure and without evil intent

It is THAT simple, really 😀

See you soon, bless you 💚

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