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I never 'LEARNED' anything

Updated: Jun 26

Wait, before you go ‘jump on your hind legs’ and say: “Who do you think you are?”

😂 That is exactly what this is about!

Yes there are people, including those who are called teachers and coaches etc., who have facilitated and created space for me to return to who I truly was. They held space, they acknowledged who I already was and created the space for me to remember and let it, let myself BE.

I’m eternally grateful for that

Yes, sometimes they gave new information that I hadn’t received or remembered before which supported me in being myself more but they didn’t teach me new ‘skills’ and certainly not how to be who and what I already am!

That is also what the Tap Into Your Talents Academy is all about!

It is no ‘regular’ academy that ‘teaches’ you how to ‘be’ (yourself) and certainly isn’t brought to life to force you to break yourself down, diminish yourself/ step into the line

On the contrary, it is brought to life to facilitate you, to provide the safe space for you to BE who you are AUTHENTICALLY, in stead of to (only) ‘think’ who you are or aren’t because you were TOLD.

What we do is supporting Creative Healers in gaining more and more consciousness. About themselves and who they are, about their environment and certainly also about the greater picture. We help and guide a lot of people in finding their way in what to them appears like darkness and that they can’t perceive but we know, hear, see and feel it clearly.

To them it is ‘the future’ and we show them that it is NOW…

I always say: “Just because you can’t see, hear or feel/ detect, perceive someting, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there…”

We do also advice people in what helps them to reach their goal better and faster and sustainably. The specific goal that they asked support for to reach. It is up to them though if they choose to do something with that or not and ofcourse that will change their outcome!

Everything goes the way it was meant though, I always say

People and even ‘experts’ always try to tell others what they SHOULDN’T BE.

In my opinion that is very harmful!

I have always acknowledged people in what they ARE and supported in feeling good or better about who they ARE in stead of forcing themselves to be who and what they are not. Even since I was a little child. That is the main reason why lots of people always came to me and told me their life stories and asked me their life questions (because they experienced that I clearly knew who I am and lived it as much as I could, because of to the extent that circumstances were allowing it). I have always KNOWN who I am and what I’m here for and that I come from utter integrity and pureness and that that is harmless.

No one can ever convince me of the lie that it is untrue

So shouldn’t anyone be able to convince you about a lie about who you are or ought to be!

And one thing…

You resonate with certain matter or you don’t. It’s that simple.

So called authorities always admonish people in supporting those who they are reaching out for. It doesn’t work that way. When you are telling your own experience or giving advice about what people CAN do to solve their problem or when you create the safe space they have never experienced before, the way you are able to provide for them… It is NEVER your responsibility or FAULT (there you have it again, the guilt…) when someone does things and makes choices you actually never told them!

Never let yourself be mislead by all those lies for Gods sake, you KNOW the truth.

Neither can you do ANY harm when you SINCERELY support someone, anyone (!) from a place of pure integrity.

By integrity I never mean ‘doing what you told you should do, doing what you promised’ (which a lot of people define it as), since circumstances can change in the mean time and it is totally not integer when you then ‘stick to what you said after all’. That is no integrity at all.

That is DENYING WHAT IS, it is a lie.

When you sincerely and honestly substantiate WHY you did or didn’t do something, like I always do and can as I make CONSCIOUS choices all the time… Then feel no hesitation when people try to make you believe you are not integer.


No worries…

Just be! 😃

And if this resonates, with who YOU are, or if you want to discover if that is the case…

Please definitely schedule a free orientation/ strategy session with us to find out how to continue from here.

You can reach your goal and live your purpose in company that really wants to see you win

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