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Still there!

Dear everyone (who resonates)!

We just wanted to tell you, let you know, that we are STILL here 🤗💜😇✨

We have always been open and we always WILL be (for those who feel the 'need' and/ or appreciate it)!


Because all we do is (support in) enlargening (your) quality of LIFE And LIFE, never ends!


Lately we have concentrated much on the organic developments in real life that have taken and still take place, in the environment we are situated.

That was and is very valuable.

Really experience and appreciate all the abundance that you have IN you, NEAR you, surrounding you, in the space and area you LIVE in and let that guide you to what is (the) next (necessary) possible step, or better said unfoldment.

And then you can also (re)connect with all that is and resonates with your intrinsic being ♡

You may celebrate that, enjoy it, enjoy life (again) • Connect with life, connect with essence, connect with core


When you feel like it, please DO contact us without any obligation, for an acquaintance, orientation in what we can mean and do for each other and for our environments.

Have no hesitation

And when you are near by, in the area, come by, please feel free to visit us.

For the same reason or just to relax and rejuvenate to be able to move on and feel good about yourself and LIFE (again).

Thank you for your attention 🙏

We have been and are also very busy 'behind the scene' with building further on the structure (also called system by people) and foundation for the Tap Into Your Talents Academy.

No, we never stopped and we won't. Some things just take time, especially when you align with Divine Timing...

Then some things take years (while you have been ready all along and wanted to get it out there so much and were totally enthusiastic about it all, but others and circumstances had to be ready and prepared aswell)...

But time after time you realize it just had and has to BE that way so really everything, all that is and everyone it is (meant) for could align.

And then, there it is... At last...

All that you knew, all that you 'asked' for, all that was your intention and purpose all along!

So happy to (be able to) share it with all those that do resonate and care, in so many ways


Thank you and (together) let's make the most and best out of it ever possible 😃

You can visit our website to learn more about us and about what Core Abundant Lifestyle stands for and we are looking forward to connect with you soon

Ruud & Melody

•♡• •♡• •♡•

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