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Ringana Partner

Finally šŸ™‚

A wonderful 'new' product line for Core Abundant Lifestyle, that really resonates with our core values to work with!

We recently have become a Ringana partner and I share more with you about it in this video!

Finally, the brand with natural #vegan #careproducts and food supplements, that is also #sustainable and works in an #ethical way, that I/ we have been looking for for years.

We love to introduce it to you as part of our Comfort & Conscience line/ philosophy.

So definitely watch the video and if you want to know more, want to be consulted and perhaps also want to purchase your products to support your overall wellbeing in your daily life and with that at the same time contribute to your environment and the greater good, then visit our partner page ā¬‡ļø (shipment for now at the moment only to European countries and Hongkong)

or contact us directly

'Make the change, be the change' šŸ’›šŸ€āœØ

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