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Gemstones 😇💎💫✨️

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Crystals can be a really wonderful contribution as support in your daily life!

For transmuting energy, healing, protection and creation or manifesting... 😇

There is a great variety in gemstones and they all have their own wonderful features

This Blue Apatite Heart of Positivity for example opens the throat chakra and it can help you with smoother communication in many ways.

It connects you to a high level of spiritual guidance, facilitates public speaking and improves group communication.

It heals the heart, and helps with healing through past lives as well.

It is a wonderful stone to guide you on your spiritual journey 💙💕✨️

Blue Apatite Heart of Positivity

Would you like to know and learn more about gemstones, about how crystals can support you on your path in daily life and the way to go about it?

You can send me, us a private message or book a free strategy call here right away, so we can find out what is the best approach for you.

I have loved gemstones for a long long time and worked with them since I was younger. In between, there was a period that I hardly used them but since we moved to the South of the Netherlands a couple of years ago, to a more landscape environment, I started to expose all my gemstones again and gradually they asked my attention in a more active way. I then redeclared that I indeed want to work with crystals again and this time more profoundly, to support others on their journey even more.

And so it is!

A wonderful (part of the bigger) dream has come true! 😇💎💕✨️

Definitely stay tuned since a lot more is to come! Very soon you will also be able to buy your own collection of wonderful gemstone items in our own new webshop! 🥰

Do you want to stay updated about when our new shop is live, then please leave us a message!

You can already find our Stones In Love (Roze Quartz hearts) collection here:

Until sparkly soon! 💎

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