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Drama drama drama... The stress that is induced by circumstances and others surrounding you

This video is about a topic that, the morning of the day I recorded this video (8/8/2022), insisted with some kind of urgency to be shared publically.

In videos I can only ever scratch the surface of it but the most important thing is that it IS shared...

There is given attention to and dealt with anyway in many forms, situations, settings, circumstances, contexts etc. and a lot of the times directly.

It is important though that people know about this and can rest assured that when they resonate and recognize this issue, they are not alone in it and that it is dealt with, to be healed, transformed and transmuted.


Because it is ESSENTIAL! So profound, really.

When you want to talk about it/ discuss themes like these with other kindred beings, you are welcome to do so in a safe space. In our online groups and/ or directly with us. Online or offline.

It is all serving the highest good, so have no hesitation, no insecurity and no fear to do so 🙏💕

Thank you for taking things to healthier levels, together with us 😇✨



This morning (of the day that I recorded this video) something presented itself very strongly that really wanted to be placed in the open


The topic that I was going to speak about anyway first…


Being talked into and made belief you have problems, that you actually don’t have and experience


We are dealing with it too


Children that have to deal with drama/ people that have experienced it in/ since childhood


Back to what came to the surface this morning in particular, to be spoken about!


Wrap up

You can make this vow to yourself if you want


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