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Feeling blessed in Portugal

Business CAN be wonderful (even while you are working hard)! 🙏 Quite unexpectedly we went to Alentejo in Portugal this week.

We had already planned this trip earlier and in June we seriously wanted to go but apparently then wasn't the perfect timing yet (a bit too soon, yes we are always excited when we know something is right and in the process of manifesting, 'patience' is a very important and high good 😂). Now all of a sudden was the right moment and until a few days before we didn't know we would be here right now! But wow, such a perfect timing indeed and so much synchronicity again! It is so wonderful. This is how you also meet wonderful people in a way you couldn't make up yourself 😃 Being at the right place at the right time, meeting others who totally resonate with what you do and vice versa. Like a female artist with a life purpose, which corresponds to the total core of our Tap Into Your Talents Academy.

Then we bumped into wonderful couples with their delicious vegan food businesses, which also correspond with our essence and values at Core Abundant Lifestyle.

Definitely check them out when you are here!

And ofcourse (!), the beautiful being Elly van Hulst! Dutch multiple athletics champion (68 times!) who has also participated at the Olympic games in Los Angeles 1984 and Seoul 1988 🙏

What a delight and thank you for the amazing experience with you on our journey 🥰

Definitely also check her website if you are looking for property in the South of Portugal

To be continued 💕

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