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" Melody is an inspiring woman. She uses her energy to connect with people. That’s why she succeeds in truly helping people in all aspects of their lives. She has inspired me!"


" I can now give expression and words to the energy I feel. Melody supported me in this. She is an energetic interpreter. She taught me how to translate the energy I feel myself, so that I know and do what the intention is."


" Melody is one in a kind, present and she communicates with others in a non judgmental way. She is very helpful and open (minded). Melody is a good listener and knows a lot about essential oils. She is an inspirator when it comes to being a Vegan. Light and cheerful with a whiff of humor, that is Melody"


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By Melody ♫♪

Energetic Interpreter and Intergenerational Trauma Healer

Still a dancer and creator in heart & soul 💖💕✨

Guiding Creative Healers into manifesting a life of abundance and fulfilment

Melody • Core Abundant Lifestyle

Holistic Vegan Lifestyle Brand

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Core Abundant Lifestyle • Center for Healthy, Conscious, Sustainable Lifestyle and Business
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Financial Wellbeing Consultancy, Core Abundant Lifestyle
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Wellbeing and Health Consultancy, Core Abundant Lifestyle
Core Abundant Lifestyle • Center for Healthy, Conscious, Sustainable Lifestyle and Business
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Energetic Wellbeing Consultancy, Core Abundant Lifestyle
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Creative Wellbeing Consultancy, Core Abundant Lifestyle
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the masterplan for

Core Abundant Village


Vegan Village

which includes



Tap Into Your Talents Academy
• • •  Wellbeing & Health Academy  • • •






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Core Abundant Lifestyle

(and all our services and products)


is for ALL beings that resonate with it.

Young' AND 'old'!!!


Welcome to

For creating a happy and fulfilled life!




With our holistic practices, trainings and education, events, consultancy,

treatments and wellbeing supporting products,


we guide you into returning to your


authentic self


with your true potential and prepare you for the world of tomorrow in personal life and business


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including among others:

Your Own Customized Journey

concerning your holistic wellbeing and health

(and that of your environment)

Multidisciplinary 'Academy'


What is your life purpose?


Unlock your true potential in a holistic, healthy, conscious (and sustainable) way



Vital Life Connection Practice, Core Abundant Lifestyle, Vaals

Vital Life Connection

Practice Melody

One on one coaching/ consultancy/ therapy


Sessions, workshops, treatments etc.




Visionary Speakers Events



Group Trainings,

Speaker Events

Group trainings/ events


Divergent guest speakers that resonate with our core values, sharing their expertise

Always stay firmly rooted in your Core...
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Get Your Life On Stream

When you want to explore together with us how YOU can stay firmly in your core,


live your true life purpose and create a life of fulfilment for yourself and your environment,


just go ahead and book a 

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