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We care...


In the mean time we have replaced our former homes to settle here in the beautiful environment in the South of the Netherlands.

We have founded our Center for Holistic, Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle and Business where people can come for various purposes and they already do so.

Due to global circumstances the last couple of years, we have had some serious setbacks.

But we are still here and overall, in most ways, even better than before!

As since then, after so many years, what I have planned is finally all coming together and coming more and more to fruition!

Do you care?

Do you believe the world is worth it to exist? 
Do you believe mankind is worth it to exist?
Are you willing to take action for this?




It all began when I was younger, at least 15 years ago and even far before that.
I had a very clear vision of a multidisciplinary academy on a self sustainable campus, where young adults with their various talents and skills came together and connect with their own core and tap into their talents.

A generation that is dedicated to contribute their unique talents to build (together towards) a healthier, conscious and sustainable world, planet. 
This all through for example art and design, dance and music but also the business part and technological side were very important in order for the individuals to be able to promote themselves, join strengths and profile themselves into the market authentically, where they can serve the audience of nowadays and their true needs and desires even better in an honest, healthy, conscious and sustainable way. 

The red thread in this is that EVERYONE learns how to take good care of themselves and becomes aware of the fact that if they do, then AUTOMATICALLY they are good for their environment.

Because I look quite young for my age I have always experienced that I had to 'convince' people throughout my life and I've also been called a dreamer even while people didn't know about this plan but at the same time I had also people around me that DID care, always believed in me, no matter what I did and supported me along the way. People close to me like family and friends and also people that didn't know me that well, like clients and other people who said I really should continue as it was really wanted and needed.

Then Ruud and I met.
We found out very quickly that our way of looking at things and life, our vision and mission were the same/ overlapped and were totally complementary and that is where we started working together and our intensive journey together continued.


I just returned from the future, where I visited in the summer of 2024 ... 3 places where a Core Abundant Lifestyle community is located. These resorts are completely self-sufficient, grow their own food in an organic, vegan way, generate their own energy, purify their water and reuse it. They are completely independent, independently operating resorts. Everything is sustainable and plant based. No pollution, no abuse of people or animals.

People from all over the world come to relax, become themselves, follow workshops, intensives and retreats. You can return to your source, your intrinsic self. Recovering your inner strength and start living a happy life again, from yourself with fulfilment.


Enjoying sustainable leisure with FeelingOne : They experience wonderful environments on a route through culture and nature in a comfortable, covered electric vehicle which is allowed to drive on bicycle lanes. 

All three resorts are located in a quiet, healthy, green natural environment. New resorts are planned in other places around the world. All resorts are based on the example of the first resort in the South of the Netherlands. 

There, 5 years ago, in 2019, the first steps were taken towards this great development.


We are at that point right NOW


We found this beautiful location here. With the help of investors, we are going to acquire this property. We will roll out our master plan immediately and within 3 years we also acquired a restaurant facility located in the neighborhood and a business location located opposite the domain. The neighborhood is an oasis of peace and unity. The locals are happy to participate in this atmosphere and beautiful collaborations are established with local entrepreneurs.


Investors will have their return of investment within 3 years with a good result.

Become part of the community

So, do you also want to be part of this community, online or offline or both and make this happen together with us? Age, gender, ethnicity etc. don't matter. YOU are welcome as long as you are able to respect our core values, yourself and others.

This place is a place of rest where people from all directions of the world can come and experience connecting to their own core in a peaceful and quiet way. Come to a beautiful environment where you can find rest, relax and rejuvenate and connect to your own core again, individually or in a small group.

No crowds, no loud happenings. We leave that for other places where it is appropriate and wanted. Here in the surroundings you can go for a silent walk or a hike, meditation, cycling, other sports, yoga session, do some creative painting or dancing or have a massage or energetic treatment or therapy that will help you relax and stand in your own power in a healthy way...

Core Abundant Lifestyle

August 2019...

Will you also visit us while we in the mean time have already settled in the beautiful environment of

the South of the Netherlands?

We have our intention a location where all of the mentioned above is possible to realize...

We very much appreciate your contribution to make this all happen and every amount is still welcome, as even if you can only afford a little; when a lot of people donate a little we can and will reach a lot!

As we already have everything in place and the only thing that needs to happen is that we acquire the location we intented for this and roll everything out.

We have a very solid collection of business activities and revenue models as people like to call it,

so with the right support it can render within a relative short period.

There is no doubt about that.


We still need 3 million euros and we already have been able to invest more than €150.000.

Are you also one of the very determined and committed people that is helping us with collecting the rest of the investment and build this?


Thank you very much for your attention and contribution!

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