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Vegan Omega 3

Good functioning brains and a good mental state are an important element in your overall wellbeing.

There are many ways you can take care of yourself in that way. At the Core Abundant Lifestyle shop you can find 3 variants of vegan (plantbased) omega 3, to support you in that.

One of them is a combination of omega 3 and vitamin D3.

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Natural Soaps

It is important to take good care of your skin.

Part of the Comfort & Conscience product line are our natural soap bars, with soothing oils.

We have the unscented ones with tamarind and turmeric for the more sensitive skin and we also have perfumed soaps.

Wonderful and fresh, to give yourself or someone else as a present.

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Natural Deodorant

Feeling fresh and fruity during the day is possible with our natural, plantbased deodorants.

They don't stick and they smell very nice.

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Energetically Protecting Pendant (scientifically proved)

It is of essential importance to protect yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually energetically aswell.

Nowadays a lot of oxidative stress is caused by electromagnetic fields, caused by for example (but not limited to!) electronic devices and all kinds of radiation.

This disurbance causes a so called ‘spin inversion’ (the energetic flow is turned the other way around).

This pendant helps you to get your own energy household in harmony again, by turning back the energetic flow in the right direction.

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100% Pure Natural Essential Oils

Take care of yourself, your family, your animals, pets and your environment in the most natural and healthy way possible by using 100% pure natural essential oils and care products based on these oils.


We offer a wide variety of essential oils and blends, all with their own certified therapeutic grade.

The essential oils are safe to use (with some consultancy beforehand) and clean. In relation to what one might think, the essential oils are very affordable as the oils are very very sustainable and you only need one or a few drops each time to achieve the required effect.

The reason we chose for the particular manufacturer we work with is their utmost integrity in doing business and their core values concerning nature and (how to produce) high quality of the oils, resources and way of farming.

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If you want to attend a presentation or workshop in which you get to know more about where the essential oils come from and how you can use them in daily life, please visit this page from our

Vital Life Connection practice.

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Our own brand of natural soft drinks.

Made of fresh natural ingredients (fruits, herbs and spices) from organic origin

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